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Frequently asked questions

Is my money safe ?

Yes, we don’t have access to your money. The BOT can trade your capital on the exchange but it cannot withdraw or modify your capital in the exchange. The API you have configured does not allow this.

Is the result guaranteed ?

No, Gekko Bot is a pay-as-you-go service and you can stop it at any time. However, it’s not possible to guarantee a result because the Bot cannot predict or control what happens in the cryptomarket.

How do I stop the Bot ?

It’s very simple, just send us an email from the “contact” menu. As soon as we receive your email, we can proceed to the temporary or definitive shutdown of the Bot. You will be able to restart it whenever you want.

Should I operate on the BOT ?

No, you have absolutely nothing to do on the BOT to make it work. Once your capital is available and the BOT is connected to your exchange through the API, it will be able to buy and sell on your behalf autonomously.

How do I track the results ?

You can log in to your exchange and check your new capital. You can check all the buy/sell transactions made by the BOT. An Excel file will soon be available to track all your results by crypto or by date.

What is the minimum capital ?

The minimum capital that the BOT can trade is $500. If the capital is too small, the BOT will not be able to execute trades of 10%. Transactions are limited in exchanges to a minimum of $10 per transaction.


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